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How to use calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers for good results

Friends who have planting experience should be familiar with calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizers. It is widely used in various crops and acidic soils that lack phosphorus. So, how to use calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizers to have a good effect?


What are the effects of humic acid on plants?

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds. It exists widely in nature, has high compatibility and powerful functions.


Types of Magnesium Fertilizers and Application Methods。

The use of fertilizer is to supplement its nutrition. Then, let’s take a look at the application skills of magnesium fertilizer


Application method of boron fertilizer and matters needing attention.

Application method of boron fertilizer and matters needing attention.


Essentials for purchasing compound fertilizer.

Essentials for purchasing compound fertilizer.


Onion top dressing technology.

After the onion is planted, the root system first grows, and then it turns to the growth of the upper part of the ground. The growth of the upper part of the local area does not enter the growth period of bulb hypertrophy. According to the growth and development characteristics of onions, one of the keys to high yield of onions is to do a good job of applying fertilizer in stages.


Fertilization method for root vegetables.

Fertilization method for root vegetables.


Precautions for Fertilization in Green Vegetable Production

Strictly control the time of topdressing nitrogen fertilizer.


Five precautions for corn fertilization.

Extensive application of organic fertilizers. Corn is a high-yield crop, and its yield level is closely related to the level of soil fertility. In high-yield fertilization measures for corn, the first step is to apply organic fertilizers extensively to improve soil fertility. Generally, the input amount of organic fertilizer per acre should not be less than 4000 kg.


How to spray fertilizer on fruit leaves after heavy rain?

Fertilizer solution should be humidified. There is a layer of stratum corneum on the leaves of fruit trees. It is difficult for the solution to penetrate. You can add an appropriate amount of humectant (neutral soap, good quality detergent, etc.) to the foliar fertilizer solution to improve The effect of spraying fertilizer on foliage.


There are two taboos when mixing fertilizers.

In order to achieve reasonable fertilization and improve fertilizer efficiency, farmers usually use fertilizers in combination. However, the effective components of each fertilizer are different. Some fertilizers will have a series of reactions after being mixed, which not only fails to improve the fertilizer efficiency, but also causes nutrient loss. Therefore, there are two taboos when mixing fertilizers:


What exactly does humic acid fertilizer do? how to use?

Humic acid fertilizer is an important fertilizer that we often talk about. So what exactly does humic acid fertilizer do? How should it be used? Here is an introduction to the function and application of humic acid fertilizer.


What is the role of trace element fertilizers?

At present, the lack of trace elements in crops is becoming more and more common, and the supplementation of trace elements in the soil is getting more and more attention from farmers. So what is the role of medium and trace element fertilizers? What is the application rate of medium and trace element fertilizers?


What are the common types of water-soluble fertilizers and what are their characteristics?

Water-soluble fertilizer is a new type of chemical fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water developed in China in recent years. There are many types and a wide range of applications. So, what kinds of water-soluble fertilizers are there?